Top best 10 Spots of Tuscany which you have to visit

What Are The Top Best 10 Spots of Tuscany which you have to visit?

So i got a big problem here…one week is not enough to visit even just a few places in the north Italy! Which is a real shame but what is understandable….each of the cities, small Italian villages have their own unique style, beauty and things to do and explore that you need a min of 2 days for visiting the site. This varies as for the stunning Florence, you are unable to fit all activities in 3 days…but there is a Pisa for which one day or even a half a day seems ok. But how about the others…Well, as in life we need to make choices and our own priorities. Therefore I have decided to spend and explore very well the stunning Florence where I stayed 4 days (and still missed on few things to see!), I spent half a day in Pisa and the afternoon in the Lucca – small but very charming place. Another full day I divided in between Siena and San Gimignano which turned out to be a real struggle as I totally felt in love with Siena and got speechless to see it! San Gimignano gave me a real & top pleasure of the amazing ice creams (which by the way are the best in each place and it seems that every next Gelateria Bar gives you even better treat…)…There were few other towns I needed to miss out…they will wait for the next time. Anyway to conclude…I decided to extend my holidays and I booked another accommodation in La Spieza which is located in and other north Italian department called Liguria. I could not possibly give a miss to the located nearby Cinque Terre and Portovenere. So, finally i spent 10 days in the north Italy and head off home admiring the Tuscany landscapes and feeling good …knowing that I will come back one day!

Charming Florence


So what are the Top Best 10 Spots of Tuscany which you have to visit?

  1. Florence which is a MUST and I will write much more about it as we speak!Amazing Florence
  2. Siena is a classic Tuscan medieval hill town and one of the most popular. It’s very charming and has large fan-shaped market square, beautiful cathedral and for the best view be prepared to climb the 505 steps and explore the second highest medieval bell tower in Italy.Charming Siena
  3. Pisa which is located just 60 km south of Florence. It’s a small town yet charming! You don’t need too much time to visit. All the main attractions are located nearby so you can see them quickly. Be prepared to pay to enter each of them. The most expensivePisais obviously climbing the famous leaning tower But you should do it for an amazing learning experience and the view. Be prepared to wait for the time slot to visit the tower but it’s well organized so you don’t need to queue and you can use the spare time for visiting other monuments of Pisa such as beautiful Duomo, and Baptistery in Piazza dei Miracoli. It’s a good idea to eat a lunch there as the restaurants offer good and efficient service, nice food and good prices. And lastly don’t forget to the take not one but few creative (silly) photos…so you can show offIn Lucca

    Lucca – is a very small yet charming and lively town, called the walled city thanks to it’s preserved walls, the best in Italy. So you can walk, you can cycle in the special paths and gardens. If you prefer other experience, there are many nice shops where you can spoil yourself and make your wallets lighter. Another experience is delivered by the beautiful churches and several well-preserved towers from where you can get fabulous views of the city by climbing to the top.Charming San Gimignano

    Last place in Tuscany I have visited is San Gimignano. And i loved it. It is small and very charming and has 14 surviving medieval towers. Climbing at least one is enough and gives you a great view of the city and surroundings! So climb one of them for great views of the Tuscan countryside. In this Town of Beautiful Towers you can also find an 11th century duomo decorated with 14th century frescoes, several museums, and a number of good restaurants serving typical Tuscan food. Visit and you will not be disappointed!

  4. Bologna the Emilia Romagna is a city which i haven’t had a chance to visit but wanted! It is famous for its great cuisine. It has 2 beautiful market squares, porticoed walkways, fine historic buildings, and an interesting medieval centre with a tall medieval tower – another steeps in Tuscany to climb but for the great views it is all worth it.
  5. Famous Arezzo is another place I wanted to go to. It is a town which was the important Etruscan trading post, thanks to the strategic location. Simply, it is based on the hill on the crossroads of four valleys. You will step back in times thanks to Arezzo monuments, churches and museums. And if you wish to expand the Arezzo medieval experience, make sure to visit its medieval festival called Joust of the Saracaens. It is the time when the local people dress-up in medieval costume and enthusiastically cheer on the competitors. Sounds interesting! I need to come back and see!Montepulciano in Tuscany
  6. Montepulciano is another lovely medieval town in southern Tuscany that I was recommended by locals to visit. The city carries strong Renaissance influences thanks to its old churches, nice market squares and hidden corners. Mouontepulciano allows you to admire the stunning panoramas all over the wonderful Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana valleys that surrounds the town. Lastly Montepulciano  is also famous for its wine. You should try their Vino Nobile called Connoisseurs. It is said to be the best one among all italian wines
  7. Pienza and the whole Val d’Orcia area which is packed with other lovely villages castles, hamlets, and farmhouses. Val d’Orcia is a picturesque region protected as a natural park. So it’s is worth visiting Pienza which is called the “Ideal City” and other villages such as Radicofani and Montalcino with its 14th-century fortress and so you will have a chance to admire the great panorama of the region. So I am a bit disappointed I couldn’t see it this time…Elba
  8. And Elba which is another real must of Tuscany. It provides you with a very different experience. It is a located in the Tuscan Archipelago off Italy’s western coast so you can finally enjoy the seaside! It is famous as a place of exile for Napoleon. The Western Coast of Italy is the third largest italian island with the more than 150 beaches. For the best seaside experience in this area you should visit at least Elba & resort of Marina di Campo, the ultra-fine sand of Procchio and the dreamy blue waters of Fetovia. So make sure you visit it! I am definitely coming back to do so!Fizole

And the bonus…Fiesole, which is not the city itself but a little place located just on the hills above Florence. It is ideal for an easy day trip. You can hide there from the summer heat and admire the good views of the Florentine hills and Florence. While in Fiesole you should visit archeology park with a Roman amphitheatre and Roman, Etruscan, and Longabard ruins.

So as you see there are many places to visit in Tuscany. You will not visit them all as the holidays are always limited by the time and budget but be sure to get the feel of the beautiful Tuscany when you are up in the north the ‘boot shaped’ country! Pick and choose the places you want to explore and hope to visit others some other time….this is my plan…I will come back one day for sure! At this moment I still live with the memories, experiences and photos of my last relaxing & interesting time spent in Tuscany!


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