Let’s do something different this summer

If not France, then what…?

As much as I love France and Lyon, I made a quick decision to get out from my beloved country and city and explore something different … somewhere which is actually not that far away from my beloved France. It is France’s good neighbour and a place which you have to visit if you have an opportunity or you should actually make an opportunity to visit….north of Italy..the beautiful Tuscany, the stunning Florence and its surroundings?

In Tuscany

So why should you actually visit Italy & Tuscany region especially? Well, there are many good reasons for doing this and My Main 10 Top Reasons to Visit Tuscany should help you out to make the decision and plan a trip or holidays in the north of Italy!

So, pack the essentials and go to Tuscany! Because:

  1. Tuscany not only carries an enormous historical heritage and presents the strong historical influences but also consists of the very beautiful scenery, stunning landscapes and luscious vineyards.Italian vineyard
  2. Tuscany produces wines, including Chianti, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Morellino di Scansano and Brunello di Montalcino. Even if the wine is not as wonderful as in France (but who can compete with France in terms of wine…) it is a good experience to enjoy different flavours and admire different types of vineyard fields! So dont get disapointed with the wine but be prepared to taste the very good Italian beer and the best (and the tiniest) coffee espresso you can imagine!The Best Espresso only in Italy
  3. There are very many places to visit! From big cities such as Florence with it’s Michelangelo’s David in the Galleria dell’Accademia delle Bella Arti to the world famous leaning tower of Pisa which is a place to have to go to for at least the very famous photos to be taken. On top of that Pisa is good for a nice lunch in the nearby terrace (cheap and efficient) but the town itself is very small with the main attractions just next to each other.Charming San GimignanoThere are also Arezzo, Grosseto, Livorno, Lucca, Massa Carrara, Pistoia, Prato and Siena.Beautiful Siena
  4. Tuscany is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and has been home to many figures influential in the history of art and science, and contains well-known museums such as the so to admire it properly you should visit at least the Uffizi gallery the Pitti Palace located in FlorenceCharming Florence
  5. Tuscan has 7 localities which have been designated World Heritage Sites. These are the historic centre of Florence (1982); the historical centre of Siena (1995); the square of the Cathedral of Pisa (1987); the historical centre of San Gimignano (1990); the historical centre of Pienza (1996); the Val d’Orcia (2004), and the Medici Villas and Gardens (2013). Impressive isn’t it?MarketSquareInSiena
  6. Tuscany has over 120 protected nature reserves to admire its beauty!
  7. Tuscany is full of spas: Montecatini, Saturnia, Montepulciano, Monsummano and Bagno Vignoni. Be sured to find the deserved relax thanks to all sort of treatments offered in their thermal waters.
  8. Tuscany offers you the winter attractions thanks to its skiing facilities. So you can be entertain in the north of Italy in summer and winter. What are your preferences?Italian Specialities
  9. Because of the Italian food and Tuscan specialities to taste and enjoy. And on top of that the italian ice cream, pizza, pasta ….pesto, basil, olive oil….
  10. There are facts about Tuscany you haven’t known and should discover! Like:
  • The Italian language was born in Tuscany!
  • The Tuscany land has more premiership football teams than any other Italian region!
  • Tuscany was the first region to adopt pavements
  • There are more UNESCO World Heritage site in Tuscany than in Australia or South Africa
  • Pisa is not the only one Leaning Tower.
    The Leaning Tower in Pisa
    The Leaning Tower in Pisa

    There are other towers in Tuscany with a distinct lean to them, (for example the church of St. Nicola and the bell tower of the church of St. Michele dei Scalzi)

  • The ‘Pisa’ tower weighs 15,000 tonnes.
  • Pinocchio comes from Tuscany In 1826 Carlo Collodi who hailed from Florence wrote the original story of the wooden which become a real boypinocchio in Florence
  • Tuscany beauty has been used many times as a scenery for the number of Hollywood hits, such as Twilight New Moon and Gladiator.
  • Marble Arch has Tuscan origin. The one you can find in London at the corners of Park Lane and Oxford Street, Most of the marble used in its construction was shipped over from Tuscany
  • Tuscany has a ski resort
  • Many Tuscany beaches require you to pay a fee to access them. There are still free ones but the ones with a charge are quieter and better quality
  • In 2012, the city of Florence was the world’s 89th most visited city, with over 1.834 million arrivals
  • And there are few more and others…

So as you can see Tuscany is unique, special and definitely worth going to! There are many more reasons to visit Tuscany. I could carry on listing them but then the whole experience could be spoilt…so dont think too much and plan your summer or winter holidays in the north of Italy. Explore and share your experience with me. Or maybe you have already seen & been to Tuscany? Would you add anything else…


I am a Polish girl who felt in love with Lyon from the first sight! Jadorelyon is my way of exploring France, the French way of life, their cuisine, sharing the experience from visiting beautiful places in France. Jadorelyon is my new way of adding some Polish influence into French lives and watching on how they like it...

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