Unusual restaurants in Lyon

Unusual restaurants in Lyon worth checking out

Where to eat well and unusual

As you probably noticed I write a lot on my blog about different subjects and mostly all connected with Lyon and France. As you probably also noticed I haven’t been writing about any restaurants recommendations so far. It is just that I love exploring so many things, I’m curious about so many things and yet I have been so limited with the food choices that I have struggled to enjoy eating out for a long time….but this is a different story that would require separate post… Anyways, I feel it’s high time to change few things in me and as a positive side effect, bring you something useful. How about a very useful, interesting list of very cool and unusual restaurants in Lyon for all of us to try?  Or maybe you have already tested any of them?

The Téléphones- Fourvière Hotel

Les Téléphones

Located on the heights of Lyon, next to my beloved Roman amphitheater, there is the Hotel Fourvière which has the restaurant I would like to tell you about. Not only the location, but also the charm and intimacy that this restaurant offers will draw your attention. There is also the food which is good and most importantly its originality: next to each table, we discover a vintage phone which aims is to call a server and place your order directly. That’s pretty original, isn’t it?

The Téléphones- Fourvière Hotel – 23 rue Roger Radisson – 69005 Lyon – Tel. : 04 74 70 07 70 – Open daily, lunch, and dinner.

Le Wagon Bar Le Wagon Bar

It’s not eating on a way but a great opportunity to taste Lyonnais specialties while visiting Lyon. So image yourself eating the starter next to the famous Fresque des Lyonnais, the fish while facing the Confluence Museum, the meat dish at the Parc de la Tete d’Or, the cheese board with a view of Fourviere and the desserts at the place Bellecour. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Well, I tell you that the WagonBar proposes such an experience: good Lyonnais food and interesting tour of Lyon. Could you ask for more?

LeWagonBar. Meeting point: Place Bellecourt, at the corner of rue Victor Hugo, 69002, Lyon. 3h ride. Dinner every night at 8pm and lunch at 12pm on weekends only.

La table en braille

La table en braille

If you’re scared of darkness and if you don’t like to challenge your fears, I can’t recommend it. But if you’re not scared of darkness, if you like discovering new things, if you are curious than check it out –  the Braille Table restaurant in Lyon. It is as simple and easy as it sounds. You do not choose your meal, it is going to be a surprise for you (you can, of course, specify beforehand if you have special allergies or dislikes), then you sit in a complete darkness and use all four other senses: taste, touch, smell and hearing! And don’t forget to enjoy it! Scary or very cool?

The braille table. Comptoir JOA Cité Internationale, 44 quai Charles de Gaulle 69006 Lyon, Tel. : 04 72 39 92 31. Tuesday to Saturday from 19:30 to 23:30 – available at noon for groups only

Hermes boat dinner Lyon

Hermes boat dinner Lyon        

And again no eating on a way but a real treat! Boat Restaurant Hermès offers an amazing gourmet Lyonnais food discovery combined with the unusual tour of the city. Every day lunches and dinner cruises are organized on the Rhone and Saone. There is a real guided tour of Lyon in many languages plus the excellent food provided. There are actually 2 boats available: the Hermès1 and smaller, the Hermes2, for discovering the city from a different angle.  On top of that, it’s available throughout the year, the meals are served by the chef and his brigade and mostly made with fresh local products. The menu changes twice a year and the dish of the moment follows the season. Useful tip: you can book it even 3 hours before. Useful isn’t it?

Boat restaurant Hermès – Les Bateaux Lyonnais. 16 quai Claude Bernard (boarding) – 69007 Lyon, From 01/04 to 05/11/2018. Closed on Mondays. Cruise lunch 2h30: Wed, Fri and Sat. Cruise dinner 2h30: Tues to Sat

Black by Jack

Black by Jack

Black by Jack offers indeed a modern and beautiful show, while enjoying a superb meal. Acrobats, dancers, comedians and trapeze artists show us their talent! On top of that the restaurant serves its guests throughout the show, between different happenings. Chef Samuel Chevallier prepares the delicate and contemporary fine cuisine.  Do not forget you can attend the show without dinner: you can only come for a drink and watch the show. Finally, you can also book a room for all your private receptions (birthday, corporate party..)

Black by Jack, 45 Quai Rambaud 69002 Lyon

Unusual restaurants in Lyon worth checking out2

And few more very interesting and in Lyon to discover:

  • La poissonnerie: 86 route de Brignais – 69630 Chaponost, Tél. : 04 72 66 11 12. Restaurant: Tuesday to Saturday 12h – 14h – Opening certain evenings according to the agenda. Oyster Bar: Tuesday to Saturday 9 am – 7:30 pm
  • L’Argot boucherie lyon: 132, Rue Bugeaud – 69006, Lyon. Tél. : 04 78 24 57 88. Lunch from Tuesday to Saturday 12h – 14h and dinner on Thursdays and Fridays 19h – 22h
  • La Bicycletterie: 16, rue Romarin – 69001 Lyon, Tél. : 04 37 92 04 96. From Tuesday to Friday: 8:30 to 19:00 – Saturday: 9:30 to 19:00

I hope I have amused you with some unusual and cool places to eat in Lyon? Could you add any other unusual restaurants you had a chance to eat in? Not only is Lyon…I’m curious…

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