So Useful French Slang They Don’t Teach You At School!

My List of 30 Most Popular French Slang Words. Learn Something New Each Day!

This is very exciting! Finding out many French words which you will never be taught at school and which are used by French on a daily basis. This is very interesting and got me into the project of exploring the area of French Slang Words.


So far I have discovered some and then I have searched for more and therefore I have created a long list of Top 110 Slang Vocabulary which you can get here for free. And today let me share with you the those the 30 Most Popular French Slang Words.

Top 110 Slang Vocabulary Free Book
Slang Vocabulary Free Book

Have you heard about others? Please let me know asap so I can impress my French friends and most importantly…understand them!!!

Thank you!

  1. Archi bon: really good
  2. Attaquer: start doing an activity and especially some work
  3. Baiser: kiss but also fuck; have sex with, quite vulgar
  4. Barge or Barjot: nuts, totally crazy, braque: crazy
  5. BCBG (bien chic bon genre): preppy
  6. BG (beau gosse) means hot guy
  7. Bijou (m): pet, love
  8. Blaireau (m): loser; nerd
  9. Bobo: baby talk for an injury is used by French young people when referring to minor injuries such as cuts and bruise
  10. Boîte (f): club; probably because everyone is squeezed into the club like in ‘une boite à sardines’
  11. Bolosse (m/f): a loser, débile: stupid
  12. Bombe(f): sexually appealing woman; hot woman
  13. Bordel(m): (brothel) is used to describe a large mess; bordélique: messy, disorganized
  14. Boudin(m): ugly and fat woman
  15. Ça craint! is used to say that something sucks
  16. Casse l’ambiance: mood breaker
  17. Chiant: boring, really annoying
  18. Dalle / J’ai la dalle: dalle is an alternative way to say ‘nothing’; in French. While « J’ai la dalle. » means you are hungry.
  19. Etre vénère means that you are annoyed or angry
  20. Flic / Les Poulets (pl) both essentially mean ‘cops’; in French. But poulet is more abusive. It’s almost like using the word ‘pig’; in English.
  21. Flipper: freak out. Ça me fait flipper: it freaks me out
  22. Kiffer is used to express that you like something (for example hobby!). But be careful as if you kiffe quelqu’un, it means that you desire that person.
  23. Mec(m) refers to boyfriends as well as guys in general
  24. Meuf(f) refers mainly to a female, or your girlfriend
  25. Oh bah dis donc: oh well
  26. Sans déconner: no kidding
  27. Super nul: really sucks
  28. Truc de Ouf(m) is used to express that something is crazy.
  29. Vite Fait means to do it quickly or without hesitation.

So did you know any of those Top 30 French Slang Words? Did you learn sth new today?


I hope so! I hope you can now easily take part in the conversation with the French and feel confident to understand their casual chats….very useful during parties, drinks, coffee breaks…isn’t it? Let me know about other French Slang Words you came across. Thanks in advance!



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4 thoughts on “So Useful French Slang They Don’t Teach You At School!

  1. Hi Aga, i really enjoyed reading this as I have come back to learning French driven by the need to communicate in good French with a new friend in Marseille whom I like a lot. Have you seen The Dictionary of Modern Colloquial French ISBN. 0-415-05893-7 ? I bought a copy many years ago and I have it by my bed for a quick dip a night. Fascinating!. Sadly it is one way, that is French to English only but still very much worth having. I have always remembered “un salon du thé” frommy first dip. 😆 there lots of cheap used copies on Amazon. Thanks for your fab effots here. Davina xx ( no hug)

  2. Those who are learning French will be eager to grasp new words each day. Knowledge of slang words gives you an edge over others. It is nice that you have shared this elaborate list of slang words in your blog for people to know. Very nicely penned indeed!

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