Where to move and live in Lyon?

Where should you consider moving and living in Lyon?

where to live in lyon

Did you know that Lyon is divided into 9 districts so-called “arrondissement”? You have:

  • The 1st arrondissement: the liveliest districts of the city. Around the Place des Terreaux, the Hotel de Ville de Lyon, the Opera House, Church St. Nizier.
  • The 2nd arrondissement: the heart of Lyon, the biggest & the best shopping district. Around the southern part of the Peninsula (formed by the rivers Saône and Rhône), the Place Bellecour, Rue de Republic and also around the south Lyon – “Confluence”.
  • The 3rd arrondissement: the residential area full of buildings and many offices. Around the train station La Part-Dieu, the largest shopping center in Europe and the new Oxygen Tour.
  • The 4th arrondissement: the artistic, historical, silk related district. Around the Plateau of the Croix-Rousse.
  • The 5th arrondissement: the historic center of Lyon. Around the Saint John Cathedral, St. Paul and St. George;  Saint Just and his Fourviere Basilica and also the Gallo-Roman theater.
  • The 6th arrondissement: the most “chic” district of Lyon. Around wide avenues (Boulevard des Belges, Rue Duquesne, Avenue Foch …), the Parc de la Tête d’Or and the Cours Vitton.
  • The 7th arrondissement: the largest district of Lyon. Around the  Cours Gambetta, the town of Saint-Fons, the International School, the Halle Tony Garnier, the Parc de Gerland.
  • The 8th arrondissement: the district proud for the  “Cinema” invention. Around the Institut Lumiere – the villa of the brothers Louis and Auguste Lumiere who invented cinematography.
  • The 9th arrondissement: the green, calm, family friendly district. Around the Vaise metro station, St Rambert, Ile Barbe, very new and modern  Quartier de l’industrie and not very famous Duchere.
Lyon and its arrondissements
Lyon and its arrondissements, By Flappiefh – Own work from Lyon et ses arrondissements map

It is useful to know all those 9 arrondissements of Lyon when you start searching for the place to live in the city. I know everyone has different preferences and likes and therefore each place will be better or not for one or the other person. I have My Top 5 Places to Live in Lyon which I wrote about here (LINK).

My top places to live in lyon

But in order to give you an idea what other places in Lyon offer in terms of atmosphere and accommodation I can share with you all I have learned about the areas of Lyon so far. Please note that I continue to explore Lyon and so I am not an expert at all as I still learn for myself. But having said so I did gain some useful experience and you have it here:

  • Vieux – Lyon: lively, beautiful, pedestrian, the historic heart of the city, too touristic, quite busy and loud, old, obviously expensive.

Vieux Lyon

  • Parc Tête d’Or: clean, beautiful, posh, family friendly, green, quiet & relaxing, very expensive.
  • Croix-Rousse:  on a hill, trendy, specific, artistic with a particular atmosphere, loved by some, hated by others, not car friendly. Les Pentes can be noisy, while the plateau of Croix-Rousse is quieter but too far away from the center. Quite expensive but affordable. Unfortunately mostly the old buildings for its stunning views of the city and the big food market, it is worth the price.


  • La Part-Dieu: business district, busy, loud, close to everything with the very good transport links: buses, metro, trams, the main train station. Obviously, there are many shops, restaurants, companies. So, it is very good for shopping and very convenient for transport. Expensive but affordable.

La Part Dieu

  • Montplaisir/Grange-Blanche: quiet, charming, family-friendly, affordable and close to the metro. Expensive but affordable.
  • Jean-Macé/Gerland: center with easy parking, not as beautiful at the main town center but close to metro and cheaper.
  • Confluence: “modern” district with the new buildings. It looks amazing and very expensive. It has the big shopping center, loved by everyone Burger King and Confluence Museum. There is no metro but there are trams and buses.


  • Saxe-Gambetta: colorful, lively, with great transport links. It’s next to the river. Enjoy!
  • St-Just: next to the Fourviere, so on a hill. It’s a great place to live if you have a car because there is no good transport and walking up the hill every day might not be a good fun. But the area is popular to live in as it has an amazing view, it’s quiet and friendly. The rents are cheaper than in the most parts of the central Lyon.

St Just

  • Presqu’île / Perrache: town center, next to the metro, intensive & quite loud with the access to shops, quite busy, and obviously with a lot of traffic jams. But again, it has an excellent public transport.
  • The Ainay district: next to the Ampère metro station. It’s quite posh and trendy. It has many shops and unusual cafés. It is crossed by the Victor Hugo Street, one of the most commercial parts of the city. So it’s great for shopping and convenient for public transport.  
  • Villeurbanne: actually the 10th unofficial district of Lyon and completely integrated with it. It’s quite unusual thanks to its artistic architecture. It is a good place to live but only the part between Charpennes and Gratte-Ciel metro stations. Other parts are not that pretty and safe as well as they are too far from the center.
  • Guillotiere: trendy, cool, fun! Ideal for going out. There are many bars, creative restaurants, and unusual events. It represents the cosmopolitan side of Lyon, full of charming streets and galleries, as well as it offers a direct access to the banks of the Rhône.
  • Valmy: has it all: the shopping street, a big square, an organic market, the banks of Saône nearby and the metro line D. Not very pretty, with many traffic jams but convenient for transport and getting anywhere in Lyon easily and quickly.


  • Les Brotteaux and Foch: two quite close, very posh and expensive areas with many restaurants and trendy shops. They both are clean, safe with beautiful buildings, in which there are the flats you will struggle to afford. On top of that, they offer you a direct access to the Parc de la Tête d’ Or.
  • Gerland: recently redeveloped, previously not that pretty and interesting but nowadays – what’s a change! It is truly becoming more and more popular thanks to the city’s investment with many new buildings and shops. On top of that, it offers the Gerland Park and the Rhone side – beautiful.

In terms of prices of the places to buy in Lyon – quickly: have a look at this:

prix_immobilier_lyon_lpiseloger_fevrier_2017 - jadorelyon
Source: Actualites de Seloger.com – Le prix de l’immobilier, à Lyon, fait un bond de 5,1 % sur 1 an!; le 14 Mars 2017.

I hope you found it useful. I hope you can add some of your opinions in terms of places to live in Lyon. Are you searching for a place to live in Lyon, have you been already living in Lyon or simply are you planning to visit Lyon? Please do share your experience and point of view.

Where to live in Lyon

Thank you!


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