Let Me Present You The Lyon Expat Services. So Lyonnais – So Creative and So Good.


Today, let me present you – So Lyonnais & So Good (but this is not all), So Useful & Helpful for Expats, Tourists & Visitors to Lyon Concept and Company I found here in Lyon. It is called Lyon Expat Services/ Expat Services France. 


Have you heard about them? With this short interview, let’s all have a chance to discover more of what they do here in Lyon and how they contribute to the city, its visitors, students, and expats. 

Sophie - the founder of Lyon Expat Services
Sophie – the founder of Lyon Expat Services

I had a chance to meet Sophie who set up this company 8 years ago, alone and successfully. I also had a chance to speak with Lindsay who joined her recently. These 2 ladies form a great Team and from the very beginning, you can see that they have a great passion and a big heart for helping people! 

1. Who are you? What do you do? And why in France?

We are Lyon Expat Services/ Expat Services France. We provide services to expats, specifically in helping them find accommodation in Lyon! We do this in 2 ways: searching for apartments for employees who have CDIs with the help of our consultants, and placing students in homestays with French families. 

2. Do do you help Expats OR Do you get help as an Expat?

We help expats from all over the world find housing. We help a lot of people who have been hired for a new job or who have been transferred to France by their company.  We also help international students find a room as a host paying guest while they are studying in Lyon.

3.How does it work for Expats in Lyon?

We have two main services. The first one is providing homestays for students and expats who are only going to be in Lyon temporarily (like teaching assistants, for example). For this profile, we are able to set them up with a French host family for their stay. Some expats choose to stay the whole year, whereas others only stay for a month. It’s flexible and perfect for students! We try to stay available for these clients throughout their stay, to make sure they are enjoying their time in Lyon. We will do anything in our power to make sure their stay goes smoothly. 

Our other service is helping new arrivals to Lyon (mostly expats, but some French people as well) find housing. These are usually people who have been transferred to Lyon by their job. We work with a group of consultants all over France, so we help expats moving not just to Lyon, but Paris, Bordeaux, Grenoble, etc, as well. We are a bilingual relocation agency in Lyon, which is why a large percentage of our clientele are not from France and don’t always speak French. We also can help with French administration and bureaucracy, things such as opening bank accounts, school enrollment, visa procedures etc… 

Lyon Expat Services in Action
Lyon Expat Services in Action

4. What are your Top 3 Tips For Expats in Lyon?

My first tip is: keep doing what you love (or find something you love). Whether that be volleyball, knitting, yoga, playing board games, or taking a walk. First of all, it will give you a sense of balance and familiarity. Second of all, you will find people who love to do the same thing as you! It’s a good way to make friends that share your interests. 

 My second tip is to be patient with yourself. Moving to a new country is HARD. Even if everything goes perfectly, you will experience culture shock in some form. Give yourself time and space to become accustomed to your new life. 

 Lastly, I fin dit important for expats to learn the French language, so that they can really be part of the culture! 

5. What are Your Top 3 Useful For Expats Ressources (magazines, books, websites, services etc) Would you add anything else?

I’ve started listening to a podcast recently from an American psychologist, Dana Nelson, who lives in Lyon called « Mindful Expat » it’s all about being kind with yourself as you acclimate to your new culture. Sometimes it’s just her talking about expat issues, such as embracing change or practicing mindfulness. Other times she has guests, where they talk about subjects like third culture kids and intercultural relationships. The episodes are nice and short and the host has an agreeable voice and cadance. 

 Another tip I give people is to sign up in groups including people who both share their interests and are living in the same place on social media. Joining a facebook group of « English speakers in Lyon », for example, will give you all kinds of advice (and solidarity). If you have a question that seems complicated to express in the local language, you can just throw it out to the facebook group. Someone is sure to have had the same or similar experience to you!

 If you want to practice your conversational French for free, conversationexchange.com is easy to use and a good way to make new friends.

 Where can we find you?

Lyon Expat ServicesAddress: 16 quai Tilsitt 69002 LYON, 69002 LYON – FRANCE, 33 (0)4 72 41 02 50


Instagram:: lyonexpat

How can we contact you? Email: contact@lyon-expat.com

What is the website? URL: www.expat-agency-lyon.com

So did you know Lyon Expat Services/ Expat Services France before? Have a closer look and let us know who much you like this Lyonnais concept developed with the great experience, knowledge for Fashion & Shopping. Because I am sure you do!



I am a Polish girl who felt in love with Lyon from the first sight! Jadorelyon is my way of exploring France, the French way of life, their cuisine, sharing the experience from visiting beautiful places in France. Jadorelyon is my new way of adding some Polish influence into French lives and watching on how they like it...

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  1. Good initiative especially since foreigners love living in Lyon as informed by Tribune de Lyon (“Pourquoi les étrangers adorent vivre à Lyon”, n°620, 26/10/2017). By the way, well done jadorelyon for being mentioned in this same article. So proud of you !

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