Where did the French Heroes live?

Let me tell you about the 4 Homes Of French Heroes To Visit.

I got on a mission now! I have been starting (and failing) over and over the subject which interested me a lot about France. Basically, I need to admit it. I am not very good at history yet I appreciate and respect it a lot. I am better with people! I am a ‘people person’ meaning ‘for people’ and interested in people! So I figured out that my way of learning history is by the people who creates it. And as I said I got into the project to learn more about French history through its people and here i got a small problem. Whenever I started to look for the heros of France I realized there are too many and i don’t know where to start… Fortunately, this can be done largely just by wandering around Lyon, where we’ll find everything from ancient Roman structures. But if I am interested in the more in-depth examination of France’s history, I decided (got last minute idea!) to explore the homes of its heroes and not only in Lyon! Why? Because numerous significant figures in politics, art, literature, and other fields have hailed from whole over the France throughout the centuries and lived in such a houses you have never dreamed about!  Really, it has happened that several of them have former residences that still stand and act as popular tourist attractions for today’s tourists. And this is what I also like very much: all the houses, castles, palaces and that is why I decided to give it a start.

top 4 houses of the French Heroes

Because I heard about few very beautiful and interesting  such attractions – houses of well known French heros which you should visit if given the opportunity. I cannot wait to do it myself! Here you are – My 4 Top – 4 Homes Of French Heroes To Visit: 

Monet House
Claude Monet House

Claude Monet’s House
It’s actually difficult to single out one French artist for this list. The country has produced numerous legendary painters over the years. But Claude Monet may well have been the best of them. His home is particularly interesting to visit as well, given that the house and gardens, located in Giverny, France, played a significant role in his work. It’s said that many of his works are based on the town of Giverny, and especially in his own gardens. There you’ll find weeping willow trees, water lilies, and even the Japanese bridge, all of which have been famously interpreted in his paintings. It’s actually not too often that we get to experiences an artist’s muse this way – in this case, a location rather than a person, and Monet’s own home.

Dumas House
Aleksandre Dumas House

Chateau Monte Cristo
Fittingly, this is the former residence of Alexandre Dumas, the legendary author who penned numerous epic hits. The most well known of the bunch is undoubtedly The Three Musketeers. Somewhat fittingly, an internet game based on the novel pointed out that this particular has been remade countless times. It has kept Dumas on the map for generations, through books like The Man In The Iron Mask and The Count Of Monte Cristo are also quite famous. Visit this gorgeous, stately home just west of Paris, however, and you’ll have a hard time seeing Dumas as anything but the wonderful writer he was. Gaming and film adaptations and the like seem quite distant when you look upon the residence where he undoubtedly did some of his best work.

Napoleon Bonaparte House
Napoleon Bonaparte House

National Museum Of The Bonaparte Residence
Calling Napoleon Bonaparte a true hero of France may be a little bit dodgy, as he was essentially a successful conqueror with a tyrannical streak. Nevertheless, he may well be the most noteworthy ruler in the nation’s history, and has been called “the last conqueror” by many. To see his home, one needs to venture away from mainland France to the island of Corsica, which is still technically French (though you’d be forgiven for assuming it’s more Italian in nature). Napoleon spent most of his life away from the island, possibly only returning once after his initial departure. But the residence in which he was born still stands, and is now a is now a museum devoted to the Bonaparte family. It offers a fascinating glimpse of the past for history lovers, and it’s also a nice excuse to visit a beautiful island.


Palace Of Versailles
This last one is a little bit silly, because it’s already included on most every list of French attractions to see. The Palace Of Versailles is the very picture of opulence, incredible to behold and symbolic of an era during which European monarchs imitated the attitudes of ancient world rulers, practically (or literally) anointing themselves gods and building residences to match. We’re including it on this list because it’s pretty amazing to remember that it was indeed a residence, and not just some random, extravagant palace. This was the occasional home of King Louis XIV, who flirted so closely with Egyptian ruler mentality that he even became known to some as the “Sun King.”

So what do you think now?

Where did the French Heroes live

Are you interested in discovering French history throughout the people who created it? Would you like to visit their homes to see how did they live? I am starting and cannot wait to see Palace of Versailles as this one is on top of my list of things to see in France. What is on your list?


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