Having an unusual relax experience in the centre of Lyon. How possible?

Thanks to the new concept which has been introduced in Lyon…. called Meiso. Have you heard about it?


If not, let me start by saying what exactly Meiso is?

Meïsō is neither a spa nor a beauty institute. It is a space dedicated to disconnection and introspection. There are  the floating cabins and two spaces of relaxation and meditation.You will find something to read, write, draw, meditate, rest. You can read the books, serve yourself a cup of herbal tea, take a nap after your float… continue to relax…as long as you wish.

resting area

So what is the idea behind the concept of Meiso?

Simply to float, to let yourself be carried by the water for 1 hour and to experience the sensation of weightlessness. To float is to isolate ourselves in a cocoon outside of time and space, outside of sound and visual pollution. Floating is taking the time to relax deeply and to regenerate.

resting area meiso

But how do you float?

In a separate cabin with water saturated with magnesium salt so there, where the gravity is reduced by 80%.

And the good effects of floating are:

  • Obviously full, total, complex relax
  • Connecting with yourself truly
  • Having your time and facing yourself or simply floating away and falling asleep
  • Opportunity to meditate or laugh or cry or sing… options are limitless
  • extremely welcoming place with Aurélien who runs the concept in Lyon..so you feel good, cosy, warm
  • …..but also muscle and joint pains are relieved. Epsom salt is the mineral salt that has been used for centuries to relieve muscle pain, joint pain
  • magnesium salt is also very good for the skin and has been used for centuries to treat skin problems
  • Etc

relaxing zone meiso

Lastly, few tips on how to get prepared for the floating experience

  • Come few minutes earlier to learn more about the concept and get settled before floating
  • Don’t need to bring much:  Shampoo; Shower Gel BIO Cream, Coconut Oil , hairdryers, towels etc are provided and top quality
  • You can or not bring your swimming suit as you are alone in the cabin, you have a freedom to wear or not to wear anything
  • Apparently, you should not have any wounds or protect them well, so no shaving recommended
  • Once in the water, you need to protect the eyes because of the salty water however it’s easy and there are things to help you clean eyes just in case you touch them with salty water
  • Apparently, it’s not recommended to play with cats before the seance and not to drink a coffee
  • Did I forget about anything 🤔 well there is so much to explore and you can learn more here

visit meiso

I hope you got the idea of Meiso and you are tempted to try. I would highly recommend as it’s an incredible experience to have.

If you have already had or planning, please share with me.

Final details:

Lyon – L’oasis MEÏSŌ
28 rue de Condé
69002 Lyon

Ouvert 7j/7 de 10h30 à 22h30

07 66 80 47 01; contact.lyon@meiso.fr


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