Top 10 Reasons why You Have to Visit Portovenere

BONUS: Portovenere! Top 10 Reasons why You Have to Visit Portovenere

Let me tell you about Portovenere! Even if I have seen Cinque Terre, I will say that Portovenere is much better place to visit in the north of Italy and it is my favourite place in Lingurian region indeed. It is magical & charming & lovely. It is stunning and beautiful and I am not over describing here – it is true! I would recommend to go there for a trip or the full package holidays there! Please do not miss it as I will bet you will enjoy it as much as I did!

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And now I am going to tell you Why You Have To Visit Portovenere! Learn my Top 10 Reasons why You Have to Visit Portovenere and let me know when you decided to go!

Top 10 Reasons why You Have to Visit Portovenere

  1. Because it is the most amazing and prettiest small villages of the Italian west coast, full of beautiful things to see such as old castle, houses, churches and picturesque view, magnificent sea and many cavesPortovenere - Italian West Coast
  2. Because even UNESCO noticed and appreciated its beauty and historical heritage! Therefore in 1997 Portovenere (together with the villages of Cinque Terre) became the UNESCO World Heritage Site.Portovenere - Historical Heritage
  3. Because it has a sandy beach that you can really and relax atPortovenere - Sandy Beach
  4. Because in spite of the fact it is a seaside resort where you go to spend days on the beach, it has very interesting historical part which you can discover.
  5. Because you will not get bored there! There are too many things to do and you can read about them in my other article! Decide if you want to be active, lazy, relaxed…mix all experiences together!Portovenere - Interesting
  6. Because it is connected with 3 amazing Islands which you can visit anytime! They will provide you with new activities, leisure time and another spectacular views!Portevenere - islands
  7. Because you will eat the fresh fish and drink colourful cocktail at the beach bar or/and nearby terrace with a view on the seaside!
  8. Because of its people. The Portovenere local people are very very friendly. I don’t know if they do it to keep the tourists coming or it comes truly from the bottom of their hearts but whatever reason there is, I can confirm that the local Italian people welcomed us nicely, answered questions we had and took happily some photos!Portovenere - carrugi and cats
  9. Because of its ‘carrugi‘ and its cats. These are the streets and lanes very typical of Liguria. Narrow and shaded, they protect from the sun in summer and from the wind in winter, they make it easy to chat with your neighbor across the way, and very welcoming for the cats which you will see many! By the way they are very friendly! This is truly a place you feel good in and you will always want to come backPortevenere - misterious and surprising
  10. Because it is mysterious and surprising. The more you walk through it the more beautiful things you discover…I started with the promenade, walked by the sea and loved the view, then I discovered the sandy beach and was happy to see people having a space while enjoying the sun. Then I walk a bit further and saw the boats which can take you to the islands and this is not all. Further on I was passing beach bars and terrace restaurants with affordable menu. And then I got speechless once I approached the little hill, old castle, caves and had a chance to admire the spectacular panoramic view, Then once I wanted a small souvenir and postcards I discovered lovey narrow Italian streets and….’Pasta Curtain’ shop (don’t ask…just find it yourself)Why you have to visit Portovenere 1

Are you now convinced to visit Portovenere? Have you already felt in love with his charming Italian village? Maybe you have seen it already and have some other experiences to share. If not, put Portovenera on the list of places to visit and plan a trip or holidays today. It is worth it and actually it is a MUST – a place to be in Italy!


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    1. Thanks for your feedback. For me Portovenere is even better than Cinque Terre! So it should be a destination for holidays rather than a stop on a way to Cinque Terre. Anyway Italy is beautiful!

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