My Top 10 Best Things You Should Do In Cinque Terre!

What to Do In Cinque Terre? Read My Top 10 Best Things You Should Do In Cinque Terre!

Another challenge associated with Cinque Terre is choosing what exactly to do while visiting those charming 5 villages of the north Italy! You would think 5 places offer a lot of things to do and I do agree. But in order to stay reasonable with the time & budget & energy we have, we can do some not all the activities. So once I have been to Cinque Terre, once I read a bit more about them, I would like to recommend you the Top 10 Best Things You Should Do in Cinque Terre.

Top Things To Do In Cinque Terre

Ready? Here you are:

  1. Walking in the Cinque Terre – Walking is the main form of transport between the villages and the most interesting, easy, cheap, beautiful and rewarding! Cinque Terre is hiker’s paradise. There are many trails to follow, some might be closed due to the floods but the news is being updated at the Cinque Terre National Park office so you can easily check it before. Depending on how fit you are and how much time you have you can take longer, shorter walks, more exhausting ones or the ones that require less strength.Walking in Cinque Terre

    You can decide between:

  • Quite a long walk (about 12km) which can keep you occupied the whole afternoon. This is so called the Trail Sentiero Azzurro, or Azure Trail also known as the Blue Trail. You will get from one village to another and you will see amazing views landscapes of sea and mountains. Spectacular & pretty exhausting!
  • Shorter one and of the low level difficulty walk is for example: from Monterosso to Corniglia. The Monterosso to Vernazza section is 3km and takes up to two hours, the high, forested path from Vernazza to Cornigila is 4km and usually takes about 90 minutes.
  • Different type of walking trail is the Sanctuary walks. Each of the little towns has a sanctuary located high on the cliff-sides overlooking the sea. Reaching these ancient religious retreats used to be part of a Catholic penance. Most of these walks are easy and take between 20 minutes and three hours one way and I promise you will see the stunning panoramas! So they are really worth choosing!Enjoying Kayaking in Cinque Terre
  1. Enjoying kayaking and paddleboarding. Be prepared to pay a little but be prepared also to have a great experience with the Mediterranean sea! I mean, you can rent a kayak or a paddleboard and really appreciate the sea, view & explore the secret grottos and waterfalls.Getting Sunbath in Cinque Terre
  1. Getting sunbath. This is very obvious one thing you should do in Cinque Terre and you can do it in 2 ways…while doing sightseeing be sure you will receive a lot of sun! Therefore its important to remember to use the sun protection cream even if you are not on the beach, nice hat is also highly recommended. The other way to sunbath is very obvious – it is just spending a day at the beach. And here you have a hint – in order to save money, remember to bring your own towel, sun protection cream and big umbrella if you wish, otherwise you might pay a lot to rent it or buy it. Sunbathing is cool – it’s totally for free, it’s a pleasure you can afford! But you might want to wake up early and go to the beach early enough to secure your place. The beaches seem to be small and get crowded very quickly!Exploring Beaches in Cinque Terre
  2. Exploring beaches. So each little village of Cinque Terre is different and gives you different feel and experience. The same is when we look at the beaches …so we have villages with rocky beaches, with small sandy beaches and the village without direct access to the beach. Depending on your likes you can explore and use the beach you like the most…rocky, sandy, calm, lively….Being very religious in Cinque terre
  3. Being very religious. As weird as it sounds it can be true…after visiting so many churches you might be considered as a true believer. Because Italy has many churches to explore and the Cinque Terre built a few as well! So there are beautiful churches in Monterosso and Manarola which you have to visit! Remember they are open the whole year and they are totally free to enter. Moreover, they provide you with the most stunning panoramic views! Do not miss out on them!Taking boat cruise in Cinque Terre
  4. Taking boat cruises. OK, this can be a bit expensive but it is worth any euro you are going to spend on this! The most recommended one would be the sunset boat cruise – very romantic indeed. So on top of the great feel and experience, the boat cruises are really worth considering cause they will let you gain the whole effect of Cinque Terre’s beauty.Taking part in Events and Festivals in Cinque Terre
  5. Taking part in the local events and festivals! You can celebrate with local people the events important for them! But be aware of the fact that this depends on the season and you only can have a chance to participate when you arrive in the exact date. So here you have some dates & great events to consider, will you?
  • Dec/Jan: The lighted Nativity in Manarola – the biggest one worldwide.
  • May/Aug: The patron festivity of the 5 towns – it’s the mixture of religious ceremony and popular parties.
  • Mid-Summer: A celebration of the successful defence of the town from a Saracen – pirates attack in Vernazza
  • September: The harvest and wine making festival
  • Winter: The sea storms – the famous nature’s power show.Tasting Local Specialities In Cinque Terre
  1. Tasting local specialities and Italian Gelato! Encore and unmissable! The typical dishes of the Cinque Terre are very essential and simple. They are made from natural and fresh ingredients and the main speciality it is obviously – seafood: breams, anchovy, squids in all forms (grilled, fried or roasted). Moreover, while in Cinque Terre you can eat a delicious minestrone soup prepared with Swiss chards, artichokes, cabbages, leeks and potatoes. To add to this you should taste their typical product of the area the Sciachetrà,wine! It is a wine “passito”, strong sweet wine made with raisins. Very good for you indeed! Bonne Appetite!Taking Photos of Landscapes in Cinque Terre
  2. Taking loads of photos! As the views are super stunning!Spending Quality Time With Friends and Family in Cinque Terre
  3. Spending quality time with friends & family …whoever you choose to go with! On the beach, in the bar, restaurant, walking, resting, sunbathing…Having a good time in Cinque Terre is the Top & Best Thing You Should Do!

I hope you found the list of Top 10 Best Things You Should Do in Cinque Terre useful! I hope the list will convince you to visit all 5 villages of north Italy and will help you out organize your itinerary of the next trip or holidays to Italy. Let me know if you have questions or share your own experience you had with Italy and Cinque Terre. Thanks & Enjoy!


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