Top 15 Benefits of Learning and Speaking French!

Why should you learn French? Here you are My Top 15 Benefits of Learning & Speaking French!

As much as I love to listen to French, as much as I love the French accent and as much as I love all things French I have never imagine myself learning French and what’s more I have never wanted to learn French at all. I was so so angry when I came to Lyon and I felt forced (by myself) to learn a new language. It was nothing against French language in particular but against the idea of me being….of some age, having done my studies…that I found it very difficult to come back to the school! But I had to, well somewhere deep inside I  wanted really as I could not imagine my life in France without French and I am not talking here about being able to communicate with others (this is obvious) but to show the respect to people who live in the country you moved to. So I learned my lesson, I started to learn French and now I know all the benefits of learning and speaking French. I bet I can easily convince you on why you should learn French. Benefits of French

Let me present you My Top 15 Benefits of Learning and Speaking French! So when you are learning and speaking French you will benefit by:

    1. Being able o to communicate with French people. This is the most obvious. Even if more and more French people can speak English and will make an effort to speak with you, there are few who don’t know English, not to mention Polish. So in order to start the conversation, you need French.
    2. Getting a job in France. Let’s face it, you cannot work in France if you cannot speak French! I mean you can find an international job but still, in France, you should be able to communicate within the company in French with your French colleagues!Find a job thanks to French
    3. Finding an ideal job worldwide. Likewise, if you are searching for a job in any country, the knowledge of French is a great asset. Nowadays, almost all people can speak English but so little speak French.
    4. Traveling comfortably in France and in any of the francophone countries. Well, you can travel without any French but when you know how to speak French you will enjoy more! I promise you will get many benefits such: where to park, how to find supermarket, how to order in restaurant, how to find a hotel, settle in, how to avoid the crowds and where to get discounts, you can still do it all with English but knowing French will make it quicker and more efficient! So dont waste your time on using a Phrasebook or dictionary but use your French. Having said so if you still struggle to speak French, feel free to use my pretty efficient and totally free to use French Phrasebook here.Travel Stress Free thanks to French
    5. Earning more money. O oui oui oui! It is true. Not only because you will increase your chances of getting a dream job, but also I promise your skill of French will bring you a job with a higher salary. I read some researches the other day about it! And on top of that …you will save more money while knowing French as you can understand all the discounts and online shopping in French.Make More Money Thanks to French
    6. Making more friends. There are so many ways you can make friends thanks to French. Firstly, when you start learning French. Because you meet people, you attend the classes or you learn online and communicate or meet up to learn together. On top of that you can easily approach any French-speaking person and what is more, you will be able to continue the conversation!Make Friends Thanks To French
    7. Ordering in the restaurant anything you want. Ok, I know they all have those English menus and in many cases, the staff speak English. But how good you will feel being able to understand the menu in French, how cool it is to speak with the waiter in French and order a lovely French meal? Bon appetit!
    8. Doing shopping freely! This is my best one! When you know French you can really do shopping and not only be forced to use supermarkets! What a freedom, what a privilege, what a pleasure. And in France, there are so many alternatives to do shopping, more interesting ones than supermarkets. French have great food, art, local markets, designer shops, boutiques. And this is not all, you can enjoy shopping the savvy way!
    9. Saving money in France! There are so many ways you can make savings in France but only when you speak French. Because you understand discounts and offers in shops, because you can research for vouchers and promos online, because you can use any cashback websites in French. Also, you can negotiate the price but only if you know French! You can avoid paying more or double when you are embarrassed to ask and don’t understand the prices.
    10. Being more confident and proud of yourself. You are learning, developing & challenging yourself, you can be proud of yourself for all the efforts you put to improve your life!Be confident thanks to French
    11. Eating French Cuisine. While learning French you have the opportunity to encounter French culture and French food specialties. And be sure that France is the capital of gastronomy. There is everything for anyone from the sweet breakfasts up to delicious wine & cheese finishing of the meal custom! Find yourself a nice excuse to enjoy French cuisine!
    12. Stop feeling embarrassed when making mistakes in French. Once you learned French and speak French you make less and fewer mistakes!Dont be Embarrassed thanks to French
    13. Becoming smarter and more creative. Learning new things, speaking a new language, helps you train your memory and makes you creative. Because you practice more with your brain and stay creative with finding new ways to get yourself motivated to continue learningBe smarter thanks to French
    14. Increasing your ability to learn other languages. French is very similar to other languages such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. I can assure you that learning French will help you and make it easier o learn these languages in the future.
    15. Lastly and most importantly, knowing the most beautiful language on the earth!

Have you already been learning French? Do you agree with my benefits of learning and speaking French language? Would you add any other benefit you found in your life if speaking French? Please share with me on how you benefit from French language (here in comments ideally). And if you haven’t learned French, well it’s high time, isn’t it? Thank you and Happy French language learning!


I am a Polish girl who felt in love with Lyon from the first sight! Jadorelyon is my way of exploring France, the French way of life, their cuisine, sharing the experience from visiting beautiful places in France. Jadorelyon is my new way of adding some Polish influence into French lives and watching on how they like it...

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  1. You have just listed a vast number of benefits out there of learning French. While some of these seem like true benefits like an increased possibility of better paying jobs around the world and greater easy in communicating with people, some other points out there don’t seem very relevant. Thanks for sharing.

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