Cinque Terre In One Day – You Can Do It!

Cinque Terre In One Day – You Can Do It!

As challenging as it sounds it is not actually so difficult to do! You can visit Cinque Terre in One Day!

Cinque Terre In One Day Is Possible!

5 small and charming villages and one day you can spare for going there – yes I did it and so you can do it as well. I would even recommend it! Why? Because going to each village one after another will give you a great overview of all 5 sea Italian resorts and will help you to get a proper feel and atmosphere of each of them. As each village gives different experience and after such a full day you can decide which village is the best and where you want to come back. So let me now tell you exactly how you can experience Cinque Terre in just One day.

  • Get yourself a daily ticket one day in advance so you are sure to avoid morning queue!Buy a Ticket in Advance in Cinque Terre - Save
  • Wake up reasonable early. You are still on holidays so you don’t need to overstress in the morning but it would be nice to leave the house and arrive at the first village 9.30-10amGet Organized in Time in Cinque Terre
  • Eat good breakfast, pack the snacks and bottle of water, sunbath cream and get ready for a trip day!
  • Take a train and reach the first village.Take The Train and Reach The First Village
  • Spend 1-1.5 hour in each village. It seems enough if you don’t lie down at the beach. During that time you will be able to have a walk through the little town, its charming narrow streets, get the panoramic views, visit main monuments, churches, take photos and buy some souvenirs. On top of that you will add time for a meals and snack time PLUS sit down to rest!Spend 1-1.5 hour in each town
  • Check timetable and memorize at least 2 trains around the time you want to leave the village. This will help you save some time. The trains run around every half an hour, so it’s good not to miss one as you will wait at the station the unnecessary half an hour. So once you remember the timing, you will see if you can make it and catch the train otherwise, let it go, don’t wait at the station but benefit from additional half an hour in the little town of Cinque Terre.Checking Train Schedule In Cinque terre
  • Eating ideas – Eat your snacks and drink your bottles of water when you walk. Refill the bottle when you see the pretty fountains which provide tourists with the drinkable water; try out the local specialities. Depending on the budget, aim for a bit expensive restaurant but you will be sure to get the fresh and very tasty local specialities and fresh, best quality fish!Save On food in Cinque TerreIf you have smaller budget for food, find the very famous fried calamari, sardines and other seafood which arrive in a corn. It is a very tasty and interesting experience. If you feel like – have both – restaurant and take away corn with seafood. Why not?Local Snacks in Cinque Terre - Food Ideas
  • Eat your lunch in one village (ideally 2nd town in a line of the 5 towns Cinque Terry) and get your dessert (let’s be honest it should be Italian Ice Cream!) in the other village, In this way you can benefit with more time in 2 villages rather than just one. At the end of the day, if you are not pressed with the early night; get a cocktail in one of the beach bars or on the terrace restaurant with the panoramic view!Eat Good Lunch in Cinque Terre

So what do you think? Is one full day enough to go and see the beautiful 5 seaside villages of Cinque Terre? Of course – everything is possible if you really want to and if you are motivated! And remember once you have done it you can choose your preferable village and come back to stay and spend more time day…calmly & slowly and in a relaxing way!


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